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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Adapter for MBA 13" Mid 2013 PCIe drive to SATA or USB?

Hello everyone,

I work at a computer repair shop and since the new MacBook Airs have been out for a bit, we have come across instances where we are unable to get data from a machine simply because we don't have the tool to do it.

I am looking for an adapter that will take the PCIe SSD in a Mid/Late 2013 MacBook Air (or MacBook Pro Retina Mid/Late 2013) SSD to either SATA or USB.

So far, any searches have come up empty.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Would this type of drive work in a Mini PCIe slot like what many systems have for Wifi/BT card?


sintech has them but they are expensive


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I've faced the same problem! Sadly, there is no options right now. There are no external drive cases for the newer PCIe drives currently.

What I do is use a second '13 Air popping the SSD into it and then putting it into Target Mode with a USB cable copy off what was needed.

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That is what I have been doing. Maybe, just maybe, we will get something.



I am looking for an adapter of my macbook pro 2013 ssd to a data 2.5 inch enclosure . Planning to use it in my 2012 macbook pro i7ghz.

Any help or suggestions is great appreciated!


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I've found some 2013-2014 ssd to pcie adapters on ebay. Doesn't really help unless you have a mac pro to pop the ssd into or have a pcie to thunderbolt enclosure (which run about $400 ata minimum).


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