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Blank screen on a 42" Vizio LCD TV has sound.

When I turn my Vizio TV on most of the screen is blank except for a line of color at the top also there is a purple color in the bottom right of the screen. I can hear sound there just isn't any picture. Also it's like this with any input. Below is a picture to what I am experiencing. Does anyone have any ideas to the problem?

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Have you had the picture appear normally before? And when you say any input, are you directly attaching inputs (such as cable or a Blu-ray player) to the Vizio? Or are they going through an AVR?


No. I've switched between all inputs HDMI 1, HDMI 2 etc.


What do you have as a source plugged into your Vizio?


Currently HDMI, but I've tested just about all of them.


What is on the other end of the HDMI cable? Is it a DVR, a DVD/Blu-ray player, or what?


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I can't go into specifics because I don't know what model television you have, but there is some basic troubleshooting that you can do to any flat screen TV/monitor. Based on the symptoms, your problem most likely lies in either the display panel itself or the driver circuitry inside the television. The easiest way to check the circuitry is with a visual inspection. If you're comfortable doing it, open the TV and get access to the main circuit board. Chances are, it will be mounted right underneath the back panel along with some other circuit boards (Power supply, etc...) somewhat like this. Look for any visible signs of damage such as swolen/leaky capacitors or burnt components. If you see any of this, you can probably order a whole replacement board for your TV off of a site like eBay. If there is no visible damage, your LCD/LED panel may just need to be replaced, which is usually a very expensive repair.

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If you have Sound, But no picture Blank Screen.. Take a flash light and point it at your TV screen while TV is on. If you see the picture while flashlight is aimed at the screen. Cheap simple repair. You just need to order the LED power control board.. I'm only talking about LED TVs.. This does not work for LCD monitors, that im aware of..

But if you don't see the picture show up while both TV & flashlight are ON. You may want to check for any swollen capacitors. Best of luck to you.. Hope this helps someone out..

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My issue was cause by an candle... SERIOUSLY. My wife had been lighting candles on the dresser the tv is mounted above. 3 months pass and I guess that was long enough for a thin build up.

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