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Четвертое поколение iPhone. Ремонт прост, но дисплей должен быть заменен в сборе с сенсорным стеклом. Версия GSM; 8, 16 или 32 ГБ памяти; модель A1332; в Черном или Белом цвете.

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Why my iPhone 4 is not booting after touch ic soldering?

This iphone had a problem with the touch screen.

The problem came from the motherboard, because with another screen, it still didn't work.

Since I already repaired an iphone 4s with a faulty touch ic, I thought changing the touch ic on this iphone 4 would fix it.

Problem is, I apparently overheated the motherboard and it does not start.

Here are 2 pictures of the overheated area.

Is there anything I can do to know what is damaged ?

Block Image

Block Image

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Pegston39, the images are not quite as clear, but it sure looks like you got plenty of heat and melted plenty of stuff. Looks to me like you are in for a new logic board. To evaluate all the damage, I suggest you remove all the EMI shields, wash your board with isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. After that, add a few more high res images of your board to your original question.

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