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How do I replace the existing monitor's display panel?

I cracked my LCD display panel in my Acer monitor and all that shows when I power it up is the point of impact (very colourful, mind you)and a rainbow of colours...but no actual image.

The same thing happened to my friend's MacBook Pro display and he said he was able to replace the display panel using ifixit manuals and I was wondering if I would be able to do the same thing?

Another friend told me to be careful as LCD monitors could have hazardous chemicals that I might not have the proper protection for.

Would I be able to crack open my acer G24 monitor, replace the display panel and close it back up again?


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Replacing the display panel in a laptop is a slightly different issue than a LCD Monitor. There are manufactured replacement screens for MacBooks and other laptops for this purpose.

As far as TV sets and Computer Monitors, the golden age of DIY TV/ Monitor repair is a quickly dying art, you will be hard press to find a replacement screen for your Monitor.

This is what the text books would call a field replaceable unit.

A field replaceable unit means you are better of replacing the part/ device over trying to repairing it. This is both for practical, economical and safety reasons parts would be considered Field replaceable units. This would include, DVD Drives, Power Supply Units, Mother Boards, and yes Monitors.

If you manage to find a spare, functional display panel, the actual procedure would be similar to a laptops.

I would get a digital camera for this one, and take photos after every step. Neatly and carefully arrange all parts, so you an find them later, take alot of notes, and take extra measure to note where each screw comes from, since in many devices not all screws are the same type or size.

I would like to add that for Laptops and Netbooks, you have to find the screen that matches your laptop's particular model, since connectors to the screen are propitiatory and can change in various models of laptops even under the same brand name.

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It is not true that most laptop screens are propitiatory, most laptop screens either use a 30 pin or 40 pin lvds cable, or an edp cable.


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