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The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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Power button is jammed, phone won't turn on.

Hi everyone.

I recently dropped my galaxy s4, leading to the screen cracking as well as the power button being bent. It's bent inwards, and you can't push it down anymore. Not really sure what this did, but now the phone won't turn on. It only shows the galaxy display like the phone is about to turn on when you first put in the battery. This lasts for about 2 seconds then goes away. Does anyone know what I could do for this problem?

Thanks so much, really appreciate the help. Didn't get phone insurance, so I really need it fixed.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Was able to disassemble the phone and remove the power button. Only took about an hour! Phone is now working again, however there is no power button so I have to use a pin/small screwdriver for power button until new button arrives in the mail. It seems the problem was indeed that the impact had bent the power button in a way that it was constantly pressing down.


So did you remove it completely?


So how did u fix it bc im having the same problem


im having the same problem im about to un screw the back and see if i can fix the power button will tell u how it goes


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If you didn't see the Samsung logo when turn on the phone or any back light on your S4 since you dropped it, you must need to check the LCD screen connector and check the pins on both the cable connector and on-board connector. If they are okay, replug the connector and to see if can work. If not, replace LCD screen, see more info here.

As for power button, it's easy to replace. See here.

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If your galaxy s4 screen was cracked and the power button is broken too, you can purchase the replacement parts and replace it yourself by following this tutorial


It is quite easy and can save your money!

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