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Why won't my rear camera work after opening device up?

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When I broke my iPhone 4 screen, I decided to go in and replace it myself. I got the glass on correctly and everything looks good, but now I can't use my rear camera. Also, it won't even give me the option to use the LED light (attached to the camera) as a flashlight. I'm not sure if I disconnected it from power somehow since the phone doesn't seem to register the camera at all. Can someone help me figure what I need to do to fix it?

edit: I've tried to go into my phone and fix it, but I'm not sure where the part of the camera that extends out is supposed to go. Is it supposed to go underneath the 2 connectors to the right of it?

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If re-seating the camera and re-booting the phone (press and hold power button + home button for ~12 seconds then restart) don't fix it, use a magnifying glass to examine the logic board around the connector on the board where the camera attaches.

There is a very big chance you knocked a component off when first unplugging the camera and surrounding flat cables.

If you see something missing, mark them on a picture of the logic-board such as this one and upload the picture to this forum to verify that these missing components are causing the issue.

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Hello Andrea,

It souds like the camera is simply not connected. I would try reconnect the camera also make sure the gold contact is still screwed in above the camera!

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I've got the same problem, but if I put the old camera back, replaced cause it gets hot and discharges the battery, it works, go back to the new it doesn't,, I've tried 2 new ones .. Could they both be faulty x


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Hi there the like bit of cable on it goes under the digatizer and lcd cables make sure you have it seeded correctly that's y it might not be working

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This may work. It just worked on mine. Go into itunes, backup your iphone then restore backup. Mine jammed after updating software. I did this now the camera works fine.

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