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A tablet developed by HP in 2011 running the webOS platform. Boasts a 9.7" display, and is available in 16 or 32 GB. Repair is straightforward, but requires time and persistence.

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Should I replace the copper foil on my HP Touchpad

So following the directions of the battery repair went flawless as usual when you have such a good guide but there are some problems. First off, I decided to mess with the copper foil that covers the motherboard and it became a bit rink lay and distorted, then while removing the battery, I was unaware that the battery would be tightly glued onto the copper foil and now I have a very huge mess with a very wrinkly copper foil that came up with the battery. I managed to remove all of it from the battery but now there are areas where there are slight tears. Should I replace it or just buy a new tablet?

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Can you please clarify.

HP TouchPad Battery Replacement

Looking at the battery replacement guide, the aluminum foil is on the back of the lcd display and not the motherboard. You can replace the shielding with aluminum tape available at your local home improvement department.

If you are specifically referring to the copper pads covering the screws, you can purchase copper tape from online vendors.

FYI - There shouldn't have been any adhesive on the battery on the LCD side.

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Frank, jcarm75 ...

I too made the mistake of damaging the copper foil (yes, copper) that is in fact on the back side of the battery covering the charging coil. I had downloaded the guide in PDF form and was following the instructions on a second Touchpad so wasn't aware of the copper foil on the back of the battery. Steps 27 and 28 discuss carefully removing (prying) the battery and it's mentioned that there may be tape securing it to the case but I was very surprised by the presence of the copper foil and coil.

I don't believe I damaged the coil but the copper foil was torn to the point of separation and is now in two pieces. I went ahead with reassembly (and placed the foil as best I could) and now the device displays an empty battery with question mark with NO indication of any charge.

If anyone has suggestions on what to try next, that would be terrific. I think the USB connection and board are okay but don't know how to confirm. I think the device is usable if the battery/foil/charging questions can be sorted.

I mostly want to affirm that there IS definitely copper foil and one must use care or it will be torn and may be rendered useless -- though I don't know for certain one way or the other.

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