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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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System runs very slow after battery replacement / liquid damage

My 2013 MBA went through liquid damage about 2 weeks ago. I took it to a third party shop and they got it running, but it required a battery replacement. After getting the battery replaced, I noticed that the whole system runs a bit more sluggish than it used it. I did a clean wipe and reinstall of OSX Mavericks, and its still a bit sluggish (not as bad as when I first picked it up). I checked Activity Monitor, and there's nothing that takes up a bunch of processes - everything seems normal. I've also tried the PRAM and SMC reset.

By sluggish, I mean when I type anything in a search bar, the keys would lag. Chrome will take forever to process the simplest searches, and scrolling up and down windows takes a while.

In addition, the volume keys and speakers do not work, but that's probably because they got short circuited during the liquid damage.

Any ideas?

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I had a similar issue. I bought a new battery and my computer moved slowly... almost as if it was delayed by something. I put the old battery back in and it worked beautifully again.

So more than likely the battery is incompatible with your laptop. The battery might have been advertised as being compatible with your laptop model name (Example A1369) but some batteries are only compatible certain processors speeds on that Model(example 1.86ghz core duo or 2.13ghz core duo. The battery itself has a model name on it. (Example A1405) Find out what Model Battery should be and buy that one. No reason to waste time trying other things that won't work when the issue occurred after the battery was replaced.

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The issue with liquid damage on any device is that it causes corrosion that spreads over time. Usually liquid gets under chips on the motherboard (and you can never be 100% sure you get it all sorted because you can't see underneath these components). Chances are that you will see more problems further down the track as this corrosion eats away at the solder joints on the main board. I would assume that the guys you took it to tried a new battery in it, maybe cleaned the board a little with isopropyl alcohol and sent you on your way.

To be honest mate, this could end up being a lost cause. My suggestion is to backup anything on the hard drive that you care about or need if you haven't already "but you seem like a smart fella so i bet you already did that ;)" and run the thing into the ground. Or try contact apple and see if you can sort something out with them.

If you wanted to attempt to fix this then you would need access to an ultrasonic cleaner with a big enough basin to house the motherboard and try treat it with that. Only problem you can have is that since corrosion eats into the solder points. Once it's cleaned out with an ultrasonic cleaner, this leaves a void in the solder joints which may actually cause the device to work worse or not at all, so it's a bit of a gamble really. Sorry to hear about your problem mate and I wish you luck in your endeavor to get it sorted :)

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This is happening to me as well after a batter replacement, minus the liquid damage. I just changed out the battery cause it's two plus years old and wanted a longer battery time.

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thanks guys, I received a new battery and as mentioned by GTony the first battery I ordered "said" it was compatible with my macbook air and year but it was not the same part number which needed to be A1405. The second batter was the A1405 and this one worked with no issues at all.

Thanks everyone for you input and suggestions!

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