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Can I remove or disconnect the webcam from unibody MacBook?

I need the isight camera to be off in order to bring my laptop to work, and to disconnect or remove the isight camera is the only way i could.

Is there any guide to simply remove the webcam from the laptop and then put it back on when i resign a year later.

*Buying the laptop a year later is not acceptable, i need it for work now.

Thanks in advance

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Here is a link for a teardown for a 2009 15" unibody that should be close to yours. Follow the link to step 7 which is to disconnect the camera cable from the logic board. You could then tape it for safeties sake and your camera would no longer function. Hope this helps. Ralph

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2009 Display Replacement

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should work but the workplace will probably want to check it everyday to see if it's been reconnected. Better to just remove it. +


I wonder if the company could just place a security seal of some sort over the camera lens. Ralph


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I used a silver-grey colored paint pen to cover the lens completely, and fill in the tiny microphone holes on the side of my MacBook.

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I also discoonected it internally, but they cannot see that.


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