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The Microsoft Kin TWO is a mobile phone from Microsoft, manufactured by Sharp, which was sold through Verizon in 2010 and aimed at users of social networking.

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How do you salvage the hard drive of a water damaged KinTwom?

I was on a camping trip last June and my kayak capsized...leaving everything soaked...including my Kin TwoM. I tried the rice trick and left it in the white rice for 7 days...but to no avail. It wouldn't power on no matter what I would do...tried putting it on the charger...took the battery out...and putting it back in...nothing. Finally I called Sharp...Microsoft...and Verizon...and all of them pretty much said that they couldn't help, but the other 2 companies could...which they didn't. I was wondering if anyone knew how to take the hard drive out of the phone. Then how to reinstall it into a working KinTwoM...taking that hard drive out and putting in the water damaged one to see if I still have my files on there. There are many irreplaceable photos and videos I have on that phone. If anyone knew the tools needed to take out the hard drive and then reinstall it...and the steps how to do it would be greatly appreciated! Also...if anyone knows if it is an HDD hard drive or an IDE hard drive...or another type of drive...maybe I can get an adapter and connect it directly to my computer without another KinTwoM?


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ohiostate10069, it is not a hard drive that is utilized for storage. Your device utilizes Samsung's moviNAND chip for storage. Those IC's are hardwired (soldered) to the logic board. There is no adapter and it is pretty much impossible for the DIY'er to gain access to the storage on those IC's. The only way would be by trying to resurrect the logic board. Hope this helps, good luck.

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