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dropped - wake/sleep button and proximity sensor does not work


I recently dropped my phone, nothing major, just a little bump. Had the bumper on, and no damage.

However, now the sleep/wake button does not work, and also the proximity sensor does not work. (i.e. when i talk on the phone, the screen stays on when its against my face)

Looking at the guide that you have to take the phone apart, I noticed that the power button and prox sensor is on the same connection. So i was thinking, could it be an simple as a loose connection caused by the bump ? would this really be possible, as the phone looks tightly packed.

Other than that, would anyone have ideas as to what the fix may involve ? replacing that ribbon cable is far beyond what I could imagine doing, as it looks like most the phone has to be taken apart, so i hope that is not the solution.


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hi keith

it takes only 6 screws to check if the ribbon cable is disconnected. although i've never seen the ribbon cable pop loos by just dropping the phone, but its worth a look.

if its still connected, you will have to replace it. just make sure you take off the screen otherwise you will have to bend the lcd ribbon cable to much and it will break.

keep us posted

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if its still connected, and not that, then could a bump like this really damage the cable ? - unfortunately the replacement of the cable is beyond my comfort level. i have replaced the battery, and that's about my limit :-)


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Ribbon cable that connects the power button/prox sensor had broken just under the battery.

Only thing i can think of is that the shock of dropping it, jarred the battery, and that put pressure and broke the ribbon cable.

Anyway, took it to macFixer, and they sorted it out, as that job is a little beyond me.

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