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Do replacement screens for the Samsung Chromebook 550c exist?

Model number is XE550C22.

Display model number is LTN1AT11-803.

Chromebook works fine, just has a cracked screen (apparently shutting it with an earbud between the keyboard and screen was not a really great idea...). I have searched high and low for a replacement screen, but all I find is a couple on ebay for around $180, and two websites that tell me that model is out of stock.

For $180, I could replace it with a refurbished model -but I'd rather just fix the one I have. Any other solutions? Any other screens out there that might be compatible, but not so expensive as to equate the expense of a whole new machine?

I can't be the only one out here with this problem -the screens are notorious for cracking at the least provocation (or stupid users who don't move their earbuds before lowering the screen).

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Update, several months later -I found a compatible screen on ebay for $119 -still slightly cheaper than a new Chromebook, and otherwise, the old Chromebook is just fine, so I'm going with the new screen. Wish me luck as to whether it'll work when it gets here.


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Shelbi, looks like even the "cheap" ones still round about $120. So, not really anything different than what you found.

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