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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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Ds Lite Top Screen Flickering and Mirrored Image.

I have made a top screen replacement in my ndsl and i make everything correctly. When i turned on the console, it worked fine, but after 15 minutes +- of gameplay the top screen starts to flicker and the image became mirrored. I have double checked everything (ribbon cable, fuse, etc...) but i dind't find anything wrong. i think the problem is the potentiometer of the upper screen, but i don't know which one is and i don't know neater the values of it.

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Ok, lets put some updates.

I discovered that the trimmer who's ccontrol the upper screen is the VR1.


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Hello i am in Venezuela... have Sharp teeth in back metal cover of up screen are making short in wires flat check the beging of flat an put a cartoon to aislate and protect the flatwires.

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Can confirm it’s the potentiometers. If you’re looking at the motherboard and you see the two potentiometers near the volume dial of the motherboard, the one on the left is the top screen while the one on the right is the bottom screen. I’ve had some units where they only needed a small millimeter of a turn to the right to stop the flickering, and other units where I needed to tweak between each unit for the right power.

In some cases it may be a balance of tweaking both to get one screen or both to stop flickering. Trial and error, but just turn up the Pots by a small degree each time until you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

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