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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Backlight get off after around 1 minute


my thunderbolt display switch off the backlight after around one minute. The display is still active and powercable for the macbook pro is working.

After disconect the main powercabel of the display and plug it in again, it work for around 1 minute than i switch of again....

display is out of warranty... :(

Is there any hope of Repair?

Regards David

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Here's the web site on the issue: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/334...

If it were me, I take it back to Apple and ask for a "Warranty Exception", and see if Apple will give you a new one.

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thanks for the info, I will try it and keep you updated.


I tried it without success :(

I asked a few guys that know about apple and the promised me that it mostly reasoned by the inverter board. I now try to get a quote from a premium reseller for repair. Will see when I get it.


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