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it won't charge even tho its plugged in for charging

well , first of , i'll admit that i tried to create a charger with a headset and an old usb chord . i tried using it with the shuffle when it got done . sad to say , it didn't work . few days later i received an original iPodshuffle charger from a friend . i was so happy to use that i quickly plugged the shuffle in the charger then connected the charger to a pc , i left it there for like 8-10 mins then checked it up just to know that it didn't charge (even the signal light of the shuffle won't work , haven't noticed it from the start(too excited)) but , it heated up the unit(iPodShuffle) . the heat was tolerable for human and i bet for the unit too . so i plugged it out and let it cooldown for a while so i can redo the charging process again . and i wasn't surprise with the results that the same thing happened . is my unit still fixable ? have i wrecked it by using a selfcreated charger ? if any answers or reply would come for my convenience , i know that a thankyou would not be enough , still , thankyou .

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Most likely the dock connector flex is blown. It is really difficult locating parts for the Shuffle though, so most likely you won't be able to save. Love the MacGyver charger though!

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"dock connector flex" just this words mean a lot already . thankyou so much for the time .


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