Released in 2005. Model number: PP11L, Imput: 19.5V ~ 4.62A.

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Can I replace the 1024x768 screen with a 1400x1050 screen alone?

Hi, I have a Dell Latitude D610 for which I have no use, personally, but it is not yet in condition to sell as it has a broken screen. Can I replace the 1024x768 screen in it with one that is 1400x1050 without having to replace anything else in it (i.e. inverter, CCFL) or do I need the whole assembly?

Reason I ask is that the display alone can be anywhere from $40-60 on eBay while the whole assembly can be $100+, and I'm not sure that I need the whole assembly yet. I'm fairly sure the inverter works OK, as the small corner of the screen that does work works fine the whole time.

Ultimately, will I be able to pay $50-70 to get an upgraded, working display and turn this into a sellable laptop? I've gone through and cleaned up the Windows installation so that it boots up fairly quickly and it's ready for somebody else to pick up and start using as soon as I've got the screen in working condition.

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If you're sure it's a broken screen that's all you need to replace, you may want to check and see if the display cable is loose, but if it's a broken LCD even if the dimensions are different you can still use the same inverter, etc.

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Thanks; yes, the LCD itself is broken (i.e. I can see the liquid coming out of it, and most of the screen is garbled lines and such) although there was a tiny few square inches of screen that were visible enough for me to switch the control panel to display on the external monitor


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I believe that a higher resolution display would have a wider ribbon cable, and not plug into the motherboard.

However, if I'm wrong on that guess, or if a screen the same as the original is used, nothing else should need to be replaced.

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