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Home button not working after swapping lightning plug/headphone assemb

I just replaced the lighting plug/headphone assembly. Everything works, except the home button.

It doesn't look like there is any pry damage to the boards.

One of the contact pins was bent too much, but fixing that didn't solve the problem.

Any tips on trouble shooting?

Should it trigger "Home" action if I short the two pins? (it doesn't)

Is there some clever way to make sure the pins line up with the home button gold contact patches on the screen unit?

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>> Should it trigger "Home" action if I short the two pins? (it doesn't)


Try another spare part. This one seems to be broken....


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Defective part is most likely case, but...

Are you sure about no pry damage?

If U3 is even nudged slightly it can lose home but now power button function, and you can also lose home with pry damage on R20--saw one yesterday where everything looked great but no home function. I touched R20 with a pin and saw that it was cracked. Replaced and home button is working again.


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Thanks for the insights. I'll replace with another part (there was some twisting involved before I figured out how to install the first one).

Sourcing & soldering small parts is unfortunately beyond my capabilities. If this becomes necessary, I may get in touch.


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I had issues with my home button not working which turned out to be due to the cable leading to the two gold contact pins lifting up off the speaker assembly (the cable is immediately to the right of the red circle in this image). Pushing this cable down with a spudger so that it stuck back to the speaker assembly fixed my home button. No idea why this works though...

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