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An HP desktop computer released in 2008.

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No vgi input...monitor goes to sleep

Upon starting up my hp desktop I see the source input menu on the monitor and it states there are no vgi or dvi inputs and then the monitor goes to sleep and I have no screen to work with in order to troubleshoot this issue. Also, according to someone on YouTube, this is a dirty ram issue. So I have tried that fix with no positive outcome. I have also plugged my monitor into a laptop and it works, so it is not the monitor or the cord. What now?

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Brent, sounds like your video card is not sending any signal to your monitor. If you use the integrated video card, try a separate video card. There are some issues with the GPU an this model and a reflow of the GPU could resolve it, but try to see what you get when you change the video card. Hope this helps, good luck.

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could you explain what a GPU reflow is? i'd like to know what i'm getting into if this video card fix doesn't work.


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