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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Can I upgrade the processor with the 2.4 mid 2010 model?

My MacBook got liquid damage, I have a late 2009 white unibody MacBook with a 2.26 processor. I want to know if I can put the mid 2010 2.4 processor in it. I know there are some differences like the graphics and the trackpad. I am thinking the graphics is integrated in to the board and the trackpad will still work but can I also upgrade the trackpad with the mid 2010 model as well?

Am also going to install 8gb ram and put original hdd into the optical drive carriage. THen install an SSD in the original spot.

I used to put G4 zif processors in the old B&W G3 towers and then went into overclocking iMacs and Pismo powerbooks and so on. Anyone KNOW if this is a possible upgrade?

Thanks for answers from knowledgeable folks.

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The processors on these machines are integrated into the logic boards and can't be swapped out like the old zero insertion force (zif) processors. See if both machines are the same model numbers for a possible logic board swap.

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It’s definitely an easy job to replace an A1342’s 2.26 logic board with an A1342’s 2.4 logic board. No other component needs to be swapped or modified. I’ve done this upgrade to many “late-2009” A1342’s with damaged logic boards.

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