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The current line of iPod touch comprises seven (7) different generations.

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screen goes white after powered back on

My iPod works perfect when plugged in or being played. once you let it sleep or turn off and turn it back on the screen goes white or with lines in it. although, if i restart with home button and sleep button it works again until it powers off the next time.

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I would guess that there is a connection problem or the lcd is defective. do you have a different lcd to test it in the iPod ?

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yea i have actually tried a brand new lcd i bought from ebay and it does the same. i only have a problem after the iPod has been unplugged and goes into sleep for a while. if i do the soft restart it goes black, then hold both buttons down again and then it powers up perfectly every time.


so, hard resetting changes it but it goes white after the iPod woke up again. strange. but i have no fast answer to that - sorry. i have also a touch with a white screen issue, revived it, but the screen is always white (tested with 3 lcd's). let's hope for a easy solution ;-)


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