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First set-top box powered by Google TV.

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The fan become quite noisy. I assume it should be replaced?

The teardown you present appears quite easy. I want to replace the fan as it has become noisy. Are there any pitfalls I should know about. Do I have to go to logitech for the part?



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Hey mate. From having a search around, I discovered it is a common problem, and if you wish to replace the fan, its part number is BSB0705HC, -8Z02 apparently, but you can't obtain it through Logitech and need to obtain it via 3rd part. If want to try fixing it first, you can try removing the fan, dismantling it and cleaning any dust/debris from inside of it. Also clean any ducting and the heat sink its self as normally, nosy fans are due to being over dusty or over worked.

Also, this link contains a bit more information; http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Revue-and-...

Hope this was of some help

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Thanks zakk,

Cleaning sounds sounds like a good first. Found excellent teardown instructions on ifixit also have contacted Dela Electronics for part.


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Its quiet alright mate, I'm glade i was able to help.


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I fixed mine by making rubber mount for the fan using wide rubber band cut to fit between the fan shroud & the plastic case. Also used WD40 to lubricate fan shaft.

Also when unit is not in use I unplug it and bypass the unit, connecting the cable box HDMI direct to TV.

Shame the unit is not provided with on/off switch & HDMI bypass.

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