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The Acer Chromebook C710-2847 is part of Acer's line of low-price netbooks running Google's Chrome OS. The devices are simply constructed needing just one screwdriver to take them apart.

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Why cant I play games or watch videos on my chromebook anymore?

every time i try to access my facebook apps such as pet rescue saga, or farm heroes saga...my chromebook will not allow me to do so...It takes so long to load..i guess it finally times out...this is a new problem and i have already done some troubleshooting...i cleared my browsing history..and have done a powerwash with no luck...what can i do???please help!!

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Have you accessed your apps with your chromebook before?


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well i have a Chromebook too, if it's not an app you can get from the chrome store it probably won't work. The Chromebook is all google base so if you want to play games and stuff you need to access from the google chrome store.

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Try reinstalling flash, or check your internet speed at speakeasy.net.

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because you wathc !!%@$


shut the &&^& up bro


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