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Released in 2007. Identified by the model number FE-210 on the front of the camera.

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Why all my out door pictures turn out white and washed out?

My display shows good color and sharp picture.

Indoor picture using flash gets good picture.

Ouidoor movie picture works fine also.

All outdoor still pictures with any setting mode turn up white, washed out with very little details.

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You may need to look at your ISO setting as well as what mode you are using.

The display image is real time unlike when you press the shutter button. Once you do that the exposure settings effect what the captured image will look like.

Best to review the owners manual to set the camera is full automatic and correctly set the ISO setting.

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Thank you Dan for answering my posting. Outdoor picture comes out in washed out white practically no detail. That is in auto mode or in any scene setting. This camera still make good pictures in movie mode or indoor pictures using flash. Any comments?


Do you have an exposure compensation button on your camera? Here's what could be the issue: How to use the exposure compensation button


This is a simple digital camera not a SLR camera. No ISO or exposure adjustment.


I fully understand you have a digital camera. Many offer both ISO and exposure bias functions. While I don't own the same camera the basics are the same here. The metering is thinking its darker than it really is. So that means there is some level of bias happening. I took a look at your cameras manual Olympus FE-210 and on page 11 & 12 they talk about how your camera can bias the exposure. See if you have these settings incorrectly set. If they don't alter things I think you will need to get your camera to an authorized Olympus camera repair station to see what they can do for you. Its just odd the exposure in movie mode is OK.


Thank you Dan for your patience. I looked up the manual p. 11 and tested exposure compensation at both extreme ends, white washed out picture still remain unchanged(OK very small change).It still take good indoor picture with flash and outdoor/indoor movie picture. This problem just surfaced after 3 years of inactive use. Like you are suggesting this problem is beyond the scope of what we can solve here.

Thank you for your effort and time.


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