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Model M6497 or A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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orange trackpad ribbon

I'm a novice but have fixed 2 iBooks with your step by step help on iBooks where I knew what the problem was. One was harddrive replacement and the other the DC plug. Thanks! I;m considering getting brave and buying more iBooks off ebay to fix and sell. An example would be one that worked fine but LCD screen no longer works. Powers up but black screen. Seller said started with a few lines through the screen and now nothing. Pushing on left side of mouse pad helped for a while. Could the orange trackpad ribbon that could easily be pulled out be the cause of the LCD going out? That is a part that could easily wiggle out and is close to the mouse pad. Any other ideas as to why the LCD would have lines going through it and upon pushing to the left of the mouse, it worked fine for a while. But now nothing. Sound like a simple fix?

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Hi! The lines are just a defect in the screen, and unfortunately there's no real fix.

As for the video problem that is resolved by pressing to the left of the trackpad, it's not the ribbon cable. But congratulations, you do have the infamous iBook G3 video issue! :-) Basically what's going on is that the solder connections on the video chip on the underside of the motherboard are coming apart, so when you apply pressure, the connections touch and it works, and when you release it, they eventually get separated again and the screen goes black. So the screen itself is not the problem, although many people mis-diagnose this issue and try replacing the screen, which is of course pointless. And then they leave half the screen screws out, which eventually puts too much pressure on the screen hinge and causes it to break at the base, etc. etc. etc.

There is no permanent fix for this issue, unless you happen to be insanely good at soldering. I've had some success using a heatgun to heat up the chip and let the solder melt, re-attaching the connections. However, it's hit or miss, and if you miss, likely you'll permanently damage the board.

The other method is the "shimm" method, which involves placing a flat object between the lower case and the video chip, constantly applying the necessary pressure. For this I use a very thin piece of cardboard, and wrap it in tinfoil so that it's not a fire hazard. Eventually it gets used to the shimm and requires something thicker, but the laptop can end up working for a time, especially if its not moved around much.

Anyway, I hope that helps! There are videos on YouTube if you want to see where the video chip is, etc. I try to identify "video issue" machines and avoid purchasing them, or else buy them for $20 and use them for parts.

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Well said! I would remove my late answer if I could!


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The g3 iBooks are notorious for video card problems. My guess is that pushing on that spot temporarily fixes the video problem. I have seen people put folded paper shims above the video processor under the upper case to simulate the pressure. The video processor is unfortunately permanently attached to the logic board. This makes for a potentially expensive fix.

I hope this helps!

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