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Repair guides and support for the sub-brand of Kodak consumer digital cameras, not including the printer or printer dock portion of the EasyShare line.

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Why won't my Kodak EasyShare C643 power on?

I recently got a used Kodak EasyShare C643 camera. No manual, no memory card, nothing (just the camera).

I put in 2 new AA batteries and tried turning it on but nothing will happen.


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How to power on my Kodak easy share c643 camera

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Here you find the manual of the camera. Hope it helps.


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Nothing. I can't install the EasyShare software.


Have you tried step 1 of the trouble shooting? See here: Kodak EasyShare C913 Troubleshooting


Nothing happens.


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I see this is years old but had the same problem with my Kodak camera. Finally figured out the battery indicator for how to place the batteries is very confusing. The +/- in the plastic at the top is actually is for the bottom of the battery not the top, so I had the batteries in upside down but thought they were correct. If you look closely at the metal plate that comes down on the batteries, you will see +/- indicators for the tops of the batteries. So turn your batteries around; it just might work. It did for me!

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