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Won't turn on unless plugged in but shows battery charging?

Earlier this year my battery stopped charging (I used a genuine Apple charger then) and I watched the power dwindle to 0% until it died. So I bought a replacement charger which didn't help (60W). The Genius Bar said the left I/O board wasn't picking up a charge from MagSafe connector so they replaced the board. Three months later it died again so I bought a left I/O board and just replaced it myself.

So I plugged it in (60W charger) and powered it on. (Light went green and then orange so it was a good sign that it was charging the battery). The charging icon showed 0% charge time 20:00 and then stayed that way for maybe 20-30 minutes? Then went on to 1% for another 15 minutes or so. This was at midnight last night so I left it plugged in overnight.

This morning I turned it on and was surprised to see it was at 100% battery and then I pressed the indicator button on the bottom of the battery and all of the green lights flashed on confirming that, yes, it did charge.

But as soon as attempted to disconnect it from the power adapter, the laptop shut off.

I cracked it open again to make sure everything was connected and no parts looked loose and it looks fine.

Not sure why the battery is able to charge and the laptop able to read it's presence/ progress (albeit slow progress), but not collect power from the battery on its own?

Before it died that second time after I'd gotten it fixed I recall seeing some warning on the laptop saying "Replace battery soon" or battery in critical condition or something like that, but I haven't seen that again and it's obviously still alive.

maybe the battery is strong enough to charge but not strong enough to power on the laptop?

Or something is up with the battery connector, but then it wouldn't make sense that its charging.

Or something is up with the logic board, but it seems to be running perfectly fine (using this laptop right now and the power thing is the only issue).

I tried resetting the SMC thing that Apple suggests already. And Imagine the PRAM is fine because the Time/Date display is working fine.

Suggestions? Do I need a new battery... connector... logic board? Or could it be something else?

Thanks in advance!

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I recently bought a refurbished mid 2012 Macbook Pro. The problem is when I power down ,the laptop won't power back on unless I plug the power or remover the battery and and then plug the power. How do I change this feature ? It's driving me crazy .


@shawnkej Did you find a solution to the problem you were having with the refurbished 2012 Macbook Pro, I seem to be having the same problem:(


I had the same problem and for me, it worked like this:

press together <ctrl><alt><cmd> and the <power button> for a few seconds, and then it turns on without the power plug.


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Sadly it does sound like the battery has died. You could give this free app a try to see what it tells you coconutBattery. While it can't fix your battery it can at least tell you if it has any life left.

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Hi, thanks!

I downloaded the app.


Battery Charge -

Current charge: 5255 mAh

Max charge: 5262 mAh


Battery capacity -

current capacity: 5262 mAh

design capacity: 5400 mAh


Details -

Mac Model: MacBookPro 2,2

Age of your Mac: 95 Months

Battery loadcycles: 58

Battery Temperature: 30.3 degrees Celcius

Battery power usage: 0.0 Watt

Looks alright minus that last point I suppose, I'm no wattage expert but 0.0 doesn't seem like a good thing (unless it says that because it's taking power from adapter?). AND the 95 months thing CAN NOT be that old haha.


OK, I assume you have it powered via the adapter during this test. with it running put the adapter cord off watch it change how fast does it drop and what does it stay at apron 10 mins just running the OS. See if you can take a snapshot of the screen and paste it into your question or a fresh answer.


Won't work. As soon as the adapter comes off the computer dies.


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Well I can tell you it's NOT a dead battery.

I have the exact same problem with my old Macbook Core Duo.

I have several old batteries and a couple of new ones, and all cause the same behavior.

1) All batteries will charge

2) Adapter LED goes from orange to green, and the batteries peak at 97-100%

3) Macbook will only turn on when plugged in.

4) If not plugged in to AC, Macbook will spin up the drive, no chime, then spin down.

Of what I can find online, it's either something wrong with the battery connector circuitry, although everything, even coconut battery utility, says everything is within normal limits. Or it's the logic board.

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Try resetting you SMC (system management controller)

hold down the Shift+Control+Option keys and the Power button at the same time


my 2012 pre retina MacBook Pro was wiggin out - not taking charge from MagSafe and holding only max 70% after Running battery down to zero I found the above article and I’m good to go again

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there is no fukin* solution so how did you say solved?

please don’t mind i’m so tired to find the same problems solution.

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Confirming similar issue for Asus Zenbook UX32VD (experiencing it since ~2015, so when the laptop was about 3 years old). I first thought it is a dead battery so I bought a replacement - but only after a day or two the new one started behaving like the old one.

It was always the same ... the battery charged to 100% when it still worked and after some time it went right down to 0% if unplugged or stopped at some percentage when plugged in, but didn't charge. When I turned the laptop off and unplugged it I could no longer start it unless plugging it in again and at that point both Windows and Linux told me I am at 100% yet the battery was flat and not charging any more.

Then I found out if I unplug the battery from the computer and let the laptop start without it the next boot with battery plugged in again almost always made the battery really charge to 100% (starting at a low number below 20%). But unfortunately this "fix" only lasts a few days at most and then the whole process has to be repeated in order to make the battery work.

So I suspect in my case this has something to do with the laptop itself and it is not a battery issue.

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