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Model M6497 or A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Powers on after sitting, then won't power on again

Hi! I've got piles of iBook G3 laptops with power issues, mostly 500s and 600s. These laptops will generally power on after they have been sitting (days, weeks, months) without a power source, but inevitably once they have been turned on one or two times, they fail to power on again. It's the most frustrating thing ever, because I'll build them and then discover they have this problem just as I'm finished. The problem is not the DC-in, as I have replaced the DC-ins on many of them with known-good DC-ins, and the light on the DC-in behaves normally and does not show weird colors or go dark, or flicker. It's not the battery (I generally don't give them batteries), and it's nothing to do with PMU/PRAM resets, or the expansion RAM -- I've tried every variation of all that. Clearly there is something on the board itself in these machines that discharges when the machine sits for a period of time, and when it gains a charge again, the laptop no longer works. iBooks don't have PRAM batteries, so there's no battery to swap out. Anyone have ideas? It would be nice to save all these laptops. Aside from this bizarre issue, they are in seemingly good shape, and most of them have never been worked on. Thanks!

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Another brain twister +


This one still remains a mystery to me. I've realized it happens with 600s more than any other processor speed though, and machines that have this issue tend to come in groups, i.e. all in one batch of machines from a school, etc. This leads me to believe there was either a common manufacturing defect (schools tend to buy tons of machines all at once, that were manufactured at the same time), or the machines all experienced the same environmental issue (static, magnetism, etc.?) and thus all developed the same defect. But alas, like the G3 video issue, I've become resigned to the fact that this defect simply turns the laptop into a parts machine...it's just not worth tricking yourself into believing the machine will work, because it will always come back yet again with the same problem.


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See if this helps:

Expanded iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program

Frequently Asked Questions


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Thanks, but it doesn't look like the link works?


Do a search for "Expanded iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program", there are 4,960 Google links for it. Use the quotation marks.


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Quote from Apple: "July 17, 2007: This program has ended. If you have questions about your iBook's eligibility, contact us."


I have two 300 MHz iBook 12" with similar problems and hopefully try to repair it with a hot steam gun in the future. The broadest article about this issue I found at ifixit is this (beneath countless others):

Why does my screen flash solid colors then displays a gray screen?

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