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Released in North America in November 2006.

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Wii USB port 0 not working, flip connections with port 1?

It seems my WII USB port 0 (the lower one) stopped working. Unfortunately i can't understand if it's a mechanical problem (burnt connector cable) or a USB controller chip problem.

Anyway, since Wii's USB ports are used for different purposes, and i don't need the port 1 while i really need port 0, I thought to somehow flip the USB connections.

In this way the Wii will recognize as port 0 the upper port and not the lower.

Do you think is possible to make such a fix?

In no step-by-step/teardown guide here i found about the opening of the USB connectors box. Has anybody of you tried that? What problems could i incurr in?

Any idea/hint is welcome

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opening and soldering anything in the usb connectors box??

don't get me wrong!!

but since you're asking this question - i would highly recommend that you don't touch the usb connectors box and/or the mainboard.

i've seen many bad soldering jobs and most of them where the results of questions like this one. if you knew how to work on those parts properly - you would'nt ask that question!

the safest way is to give it a professional wii service/modding company, but since the part looks like a standard computer part, maybe there are others too that would do the job.

but to answer the question - sure - someone who knows how to do those things could do the port switch.

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