Model A1059 or A1099 / 20, 40, or 60 GB hard drive / touch sensitive click wheel

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sad iPod when pluged into power supply

this problem started when the battery ran down. i had it with me in my log truck at work. brought it home to charge it up and when pluged in i get the apple logo to appear then the sad iPod appears then it has the battery symbol appear. I changed the battery and now the apple logo appears then the sad iPod but no battery symbol.and it just keeps doing that over and over. can any tell me do i need a new mother board or hard drive? I don't want to buy parts I don't need is there a test i can perform?

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I would check all connections on the logicboard and of course the voltage of the battery (use a multimeter for that).

did you try to charge it with the wall charger or only with usb?

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Yes Markus I did try the wall charger & all of the connections are tight. Should the hard drive make any noise when plugged into the wall charger? Mine makes a clicking noise while plugged in. Do you have any other suggestions about how to test the mother board or the hard drive? If i hold down the menu button and the back button at the same time, it will go into a 'tram test' mode. Do you know anything about this?


The clicking comes from the hard drive - maybe you should slap your iPod a little bit: Why does my iPod show a red "x" in a circle?


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The clicking sound and the sad ipod indicates a bad hard drive.

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