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How much transmission fluid for a Harley-Davidson Sportster?

How much many bottles of transmission fluid do I need to use? Please

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Here's a link to the owner's manual which says: "Add 1.00 U.S. qt 0.95 L of GENUINE Harley-Davidson FORMULA+ TRANSMISSION AND PRIMARY CHAINCASE LUBRICANT (Part No. 98851-05 qt) through clutch inspection cover opening until the lubricant reaches the bottom of clutch diaphragm spring." under the "Changing Lubricant" section.

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The Sportster should take around 25-30 oz. You should check with your service manual to make sure. Otherwise you can also call in a local Harley shop and inquire.

Best of luck!

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Sorry, forgot to mention that its somewhere between that amount because it depends on the year of your sportster. You can start with 1 bottle or 1Qt. and then work from there.


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I got my Harley Sportster service manual from TheManualStore.com. I use it ALL THE TIME.

Harley Davidson Sportster Manuals

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