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Backlight not working, turning off after a few seconds


Recently I bought a second hand macbook air that had coffee spilled on it. The owner replaced the battery, and it was working again like a charm. Now after a few months of my ownership, I turned the macbook on, but it had no backlight. Also the macbook turned off in about 5 seconds.

The weird thing is, i've owned this macbook for about 5 months now, and it always worked great with no problems at all. Could this still have anything to do with the spill on it? I searched alot on the internet already, and the fuse with the 'p' on it still seems fine, as no coffee seems to have gotten to that part of the logic board. I will try to upload some pictures of it ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

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Daan, it "seems fine" with a multimeter as well? Changing the battery after the spill was a good step, but I would have suggested a good cleaning as well. Take a good luck at the LED driver and see what you find.


Hello oldturkey03, thanks alot for your reply.

I haven't checked it with a multimeter, as I don't really know what the multimeter is supposed to 'say'. Do you know what it should say?

Also, where can I find the LED driver?

Sorry for my terrible English, as it is not my first language.

Thanks in advance :)


Daan, your English is just fine ;-} Your just facing a lack of skills which we can help you over come.


Thanks Dan. :)

Update: I cleaned the whole logicboard with isoprophyl alcohol, im now going to put everything together. I will let you guys know what will happen.


I put the whole thing together and still no back light and turning off right after the login screen. I made some progress though. It seems when I unplug the flat cable that goes from the I/O board to the logic board and turn it on, it does have a backlight. The only thing that appears on the screen is some kind of suitcase with a ? in it. So this basically means the fuses and LED driver aren't dead yet, right? I'm going to order a new cable tomorrow so i'll keep you guys updated.


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Final update: I connected the new flex cable that goes from the I/O board to the logic board, and somehow it booted up with backlight and everything. So I guess the cleaning and the new cable did the job. I'm so happy that the problem is solved, and I want to thank oldturkey03 and Dan.

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The ? means the machine can not locate your boot volume (SSD). Check that cable connection is in correctly and securely.

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