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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Why my screen splits and have strange lines? GPU problem?


I'm looking for a solution for a very know problem, stated on:


The changes between the integrated and the discreet graphics card, leads to a corruption not only in the image, but in the system, because after all those lines, screen spliced, my computer freezes, and even after a force reset, it does not come alive easy. Even in the secure mode, my screen lights up in a strong blue with vertical lines.

After used Disk Warrior 4.4 and Maintenance, it is working for a while, but I must use GFXCARD in order to isolate the graphics processor.

How can I repair this?

Best Regards,


ps.: this is an issue recognized by Apple for a lot of MPB2011 users. Apple did a recall for this for the MPB2010 models, but we are not in the same benefit...

ps2. my LCD is perfect... it is something in the Logic Board that I must repair...

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Which graphics setup do you encounter the issue with? Intergraded graphics engine or the external GPU (AMD Radeon HD 6490M or AMD Radeon HD 6750M) and which one.


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Generally there are no DIY repairs for GPU/VGC's. They are soldered to the logic board and require expensive equipment to remove/replace/reball.

There are vendors who offer that service on e-bay. As a DIY repair you can remove and replace the logic board (a very advanced and difficult project - essentially you completely dismantle and then reassemble the entire machine).

Not every step/component of a DIY repair has to be done solely by you.

To recap: your choices are: replace the logic board, or, find a service to replace/repair/upgrade the GPU/VGC.

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.

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Hello Sir! Yes, and I just got the new logic board due to the recall program.

I hope is not a "bad" logi board as they gave me only 3 months as warranty. They told me is not the defective logic board as well, but a new one with corrections made to it. Hope my mac will lasts. Thanks!


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Apple announced a extension repair program 2/20/15. Go here to check if you qualify: https://www.apple.com/support/macbookpro...

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First of all: THANKS MACHEAD3

The support here was very fast.

I finally solved the issue with my GPU.

It is indeed a problem with the soldering between logic board and GPU.

I used the guide to complete tear down the macbook pro here on IFIXIT, and get my hands on the logic board.

I separated the heat sink from the logic board, and cleaned up that thermo compound very sticked to the components (all gpu and cpu). I've polished them without scratch but until shine.

Than, I used a HAIR DRYER to sold the GPU again, like the tutorials on youtube for that.

I made up a mask with rought paper in order to centralize the heat over the square (3 x 3 cm) area of the GPU and kept about 10 minutes in hight mode with circular motions and 10 cm distance from the board.

I've waited it cool down (1 hour is more than enought).

I've applied the Arctic MX-4 (can I say brands here?) thermal compound on GPU and CPU and attached the heat sink back and mounted the notebook again.

Hopfully... all is working now for more than 1 weak. Pretty fast and most of all "COOL". I have 67º on CPU and 53º on GPU at the present moment. And I'm using Photoshop, illustrator, safari, firefox, calculator, excel, notepad and torrent client.

That's is a very bad manufacturing error from Apple. So if you make a hardware check, there is nothing wrong with the logic board or GPU. But it your system stress the GPU, the sooner it will get hot and will lead to the defective image transmission, until you cannot even startup correctly, even on secure mode (shift on start up).

This kind of DIY is not basic for sure.

Dismount the machine was not that hard, it is a great piece of technology, just have care and tools. Disconect the battery first of all... I did not took apart the DVD unit or the HD drive. just the logic board.

But take the computer mounted again, back to live.... oh man... that was kinda scary due to a connector behind the logic board, that is so tight when I put it back, that I could not reach it with my fingers... If someone is in a situation like me, know that this is kinda "basic" to solve, but you need patience and care (if you think you will be nervous... take to a professional and tell what is need to do, this is kinda comon in hight demanind cpus, gaming, and so on).

But maybe not much patience as wait Apple made a recall. They did for macbooks pro on 2010 with exactly the same problem. But the entire 2011 line is supost to have the same, there is more than 17500 signatures in a petition website with the same issue as mine.

I thanks again for the amazing tutorials here on IFIXIT, your prompt reply and all guys that made this toturials to help users like us. Hope someone in the same need as mine have found a quickly solution until Apple do what a fare company should.

Best Regards,



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You're welcome - and thanks for taking time to help others find a possible workable solution for their problem. All in all I guess if I were doing heavy graphics I'd use a desktop unless I had to work in the field. Then I'd invest in some extra laptop cooling devices (fans or chillers).



I'm sad to say, but this is not a permanent fix.

It will help off course, but you better also control the fan speed with Mac Fans Control (http://www.crystalidea.com/macs-fan-cont...).

Something is really wrong with my machine. The 16Gb Ram are almost not in use (just 1.36Gb) and the CPU at 4% and suddenly to 20% if thunderbird is on and Photoshop.

Today, unfortunately I had the screen sliced again (left side on the right and right side on the left of the screen).

I had to force reboot, all fine again. Sorry guys, this solution is kinda good but hardware seams really compromised as it does not support CPU temperature over 80º C.

When I installed the Fans control temperature, I've set the fans to 5500 and the machine is pretty cool and no single error occurred.

We must not let the fan speed that hight 24/7, only in task demanding situations. But the software has a quickly control for that (change values and automatic).

Hope can help.

Thanks MacHead3!


You may have a heat sink problem. Its something I've only started to see. So far I've encountered three defective heat sinks. What happens is the cooling fluid inside the tube leaks out so only the wall of the copper tube is transmitting the heat to the fins which is not enough heat transference. Time to replace it and apply a high quality thermal paste.


Thanks Dan! I will look for a new heat sink, must also contribute for the heat dissipation, as I'm using Arctic MX-4 thermal compound, and it made the temperature drops a lot.


Thank you!

Unfortunatelly I do not.

But I did a reballing, and now my GPU has all "micro balls" changed for "pure" lead instead of the old "lead free" that caused the problems.

I had to do in a very specialyzed shop, not with the regular reballing chineese machines.

Thanks again for the trustworth support and advice!

Best Regards,



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Had the similar issue. Cleaned the logic board and the gpu area with a quick dry contact cleaner, reapplied thermal paste. Also reset the smc/pram and reinstalled the OS. It's all working fine.

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Old problem but I replaced my logic board and still have the same problem. What else could it be?

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