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Model A1137 / 1, 2, or 4 GB capacity / black or white plastic front

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A white screen in iPod, only works when charger is plugged in

My iPod only works when I plug in the charger, it won't work at all while i stop recharging. I've already change the battery, but when I turn it on again with the charger it only appear a plain white screen. Still, doesn't work while i put off the charger...can you help me please...?

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I noticed you never got an answer to this. Are you still having this problem?


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Did you try resetting it? Press the center and top click wheel button for 6 seconds till the apple logo shows up. Did you try to toggle it? That means switch the hold button back and forth 5-10 times, then press the menu and center button until the screen switches off.

then plug it into its charger and it should work. And last but not least did you make sure that all the connectors are seated right and that all clips etc.are tight. Especially in this area`iPod Nano 1st Generation Display Replacement Good luck.

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