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The C720 is a low cost Acer ChromeOS based Chromebook. Released 2014 successor to the C710.

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My Chromebook will not power on could it be the power supply?

Chromebook was working perfectly fine until the other day. It will no longer power on after showing that it would no longer charge. I am very gentle with it, but I noticed that the hole where I plug in the power supply feels a little loose and can wiggle a bit.

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Yes! It very well could be the power supply, and is actually quite common. Before progressing to a more expensive method of repair purchase another power supply or borrow a working on from a friend to to test with before purchasing your own. It could also be something a little more severe such as the DC-in which with what you described the wiggling it could very well actually be that. This requires a little more work, and some basic soldering. You can follow the DC-in replacement guide on the C720 device page.

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