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Ripped off Charging Port=Trashed Galaxy Exhibit SCH-T599 Logic Board?

Believe I have made a noobie mistake.

I was having a hard time desoldering a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit SCH-T599 charging port. Because of past trial and errors I didn't use a heating gun, only a soldering iron. I desoldered the sides, heated the pins solder and pulled the port up and off.

Those little metal 'thingys' (that the pins make contact with) CAME OFF the logicboard, still stuck to the solder on the pins.

I got the little metal pieces off the old port (but lost one of them...)

Did I just trash the phone?

Can someone at least tell me what the heck those little metal bits are called?



I tried my best but... nope, haha. I couldn't for the life of me get those little wire bits to stay. For now, I'm just going to steer clear of these charging ports. Maybe I'll get some junk parts to practice on (off to ebay!).

Regardless THANKS GUYS for all the info! ^_^

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Hey guys, I was just told I could use something called 'silver epoxy'?

Or 'circuit writer'?

A 'silver conductive blue wire' - some kind of paint stuff??

Is this true? I have no idea, I mean its not copper so... haha.

I'm just having a hard time getting the copper wire to stay still enough for me to do the repair.


oh man I hate that stuff. It really interferes with anyone ever doing a quality robust repair on the device--it is very difficult to get out of a phone and it will leave little solder balls everywhere when you try to remove it. Plus, when heated, it forms a low melt alloy with the existing solder so that all the components will easily float away. ugh. I kind of think of it as making a coffee mug out of play doh instead of kiln fired ceramic. It may work for awhile, but if I were the customer I'd be pretty mad. But, that is just an opinion. Plenty of people love that awful stuff.


Oh my...

When you say 'stuff' are you talking about the epoxy and circuit writer AND conductive blue wire?


I'm talking about conductive ink. Which is pretty much the same thing as an electrically conductive dried booger. Why fix something with a dried booger, when you can just as easily have a robust metal joint by using a little solder.


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Hey there ali. It sounds like you pulled some of the leads off the circuit board. It's a common problem when desoldering ports, so don't feel bad. It is however, some pretty bad news for your phone. Without getting electrical contact back between the port and the board, you're in a pretty bad spot. You might be able to frankenstein it back together, however, with some fine copper wire and some soldering skills. Just run the wire from where it was supposed to go on the charging port to the lead, essentially bypassing the gap.

Let us know what you decide to do and how it works out!

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Question, when you say fine copper wire how fine are we talking about? The only copper wire I have right now is my desoldering braid :-/


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Those are called solder pads.

Almost certainly repairable.

If you're not experienced with microsoldering you might want to send this one out. Charge port repair can be DIY for sure, but building microjumpers to restore a line really requires a microscope and some experience.

If you need a professional, feel free to click the link to my iFixit Pro profile to find your way to our mail in board level repair service.

PS: You were right to use an iron on the port instead of hot air---next time just add a little desoldering alloy and it will come right off. Lifting pads is a sign of not enough heat.

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Fine wire = 1 ply of your copper braid. Go for it!


coolness, thanks


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