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The LG G Watch is an Android Wear-based smartwatch announced and released by LG and Google on June 25, 2014.

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Why isn't my battery charging?

When the adapter is plugged into a working outlet and the watch is docked onto the charging station the watch does not "wake" and start booting up which indicates that the battery is charging.

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If the device does not detect the charging station when properly docked it is most likely due to a common issue with the charging pins. The charging pins on the LG G Watch easily become corroded when they come in contact with sweat or water. In this case the charging pins will need to be replaced in order for you to charge your LG G Watch

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how and where they can be replaced


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Called LG, they said they do not sell internal parts. So unless you are an authorized repair center, forget it.

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I think it's unacceptable that LG won't service a watch which is less than 3 years old.


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