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The Nissan Xterra is an SUV that was manufactured and marketed by Nissan Motors across two generations, utilizing its Nissan F-Alpha platform shared with the Nissan Frontier pickup.

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Too Much Heat and NO cold air

So my 2003 xterra only blows out super hot air on all settings. Is my compressor out?

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It most likely in NOT your compressor, the a/c compressor is also controlled by a low pressure switch, as well as the power control switch inside the cabin. This low pressure switch keeps the compressor from engaging (coming on) when the freon in the system is low. This happens for safety factors involved with the compressor. (basically to keep the compressor from over heating and bburning up). My advice would be that your freon is to low. Take it to an ASE mechanic, our the DIY section at your local auto parts store.

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Great advice. I had an xterra and the high pressure hose cracked after 3 years. The high pressure line coming from the compressor leaked the freon and oil and caused my A/C compressor to not engage. My ASE mechanic replaced the hose and recharged the system.


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