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Model A1225 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2.4, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Will my iMac run without nvidia card?

iMac "Core 2 Duo" 3.06 24-Inch (Early 2008)

Will my iMac display anything if I disconnect the NVidia graphics card?

Full story:

No prior symptoms, screen goes crazy after only 20 mins use. Restart mac, pink horizontal squiggles cover grey/white boot screen. Apple logo appears and wheel spins for awhile before freezing - every time.

After some internet searching try hardware test 6+ times, no result.

Try booting to safe mode, loading bar shows and makes it to about 30% before freezing.

Reset pram, lines are now pink vertical lines but otherwise it is the same.

Removed front bezel from case, all 4 LED's light and stay lit even after it freezes.

Internet searching shows removing a graphics file may get this usable so I can save my data but I can't get it to boot far enough to find the file.

I was in best buy today looking at replacements and Apple sells iMacs with and without independent graphics cards. So I'm wondering, can I get mine usable with the NVidia card unplugged? Because I'm looking at it with the LCD removed, and my soidey sense is going off...

Thank you in advance!

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Just because the newer systems have CPU's with built-in GPU's does not equate to your system, Sorry ;-{

No, you can't run your system without a graphics card.

It might be a simple problem were the thermal paste is not working and/or the fans are not cooling the system properly. Are you up to fixing your system?

In any case you should be able to migrate your data off of it. If you are thinking of getting a new system. You can try setting up your system in Target Disk Mode, follow this Apple TN: Transfer files between two computers using target disk mode. Or you can remove the disk drive and using a SATA to USB adapter connect your removed HD directly to your new Mac.

You may want to consider getting a used system as most of the newer models are much harder to fix. And besides a used unit will be cheaper.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

That makes sense.

I don't have a lot of experience with repairs but I am definitely up for fixing it - I tore apart PC's in school and I got very intimate with a iphone 3GS, just never soldered etc.

Considering its current state, I think this machine can be a good learning experience.

I would like to start by saving some of my data - I have backups on an external hard drive but I assume that isn't as easy as just grabbing a folder of photos I need etc; more of a total restore option?

What do I need to do in order to try and output the iMac to a separate monitor?

I think this will only work if the video card IS working, correct?




Once you get your new mac you should be able to setup your old system in Target Mode and they treat the old system like an external disk drive, just coping the files you want over. You could also use Migration Assistant as well. And, lastly, take the drive out and use the adapter cable. Three different ways here.


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Hello I had a problem with my graphic card nvidia geforce 8800 gs on an imac 24' 2008, like a lot of people. I removed the graphic card, put it in an oven at 195° C for 8 mn and it works again now.

I arlready did the same operation with a mbp 2007 where the chip is soldered on the mother board but then it lasted from 3 to 6 months before I had to do it again, 5 times now in 3 years. I hope that it will last more with the imac, but still it's a cheap way to solve the problem.

On this site you have the long story and the procedure :


And on ifixit you'll find the guide to remote the graphic card :

iMac Intel 24" EMC 2267 Graphics Card Replacement

Good luck

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No money for a new or used system at the moment so I baked the graphics card only. I used new thermal paste - now I just want to know if it will last. I downloaded a temperature monitor - any idea where I can find the normal range for the graphics card?

DanP, 12 minutes ago


If you got Temperature Gauge Pro it will offer you that. Sadly you only bought a little time here as the cold solder joint will re-crystilize again as the seeds are already sown ;-{


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Hi my graphic card cooking lasts since a month now and works perfectly, I'm using istats menus as temperature monitor and the heat stays between 40 and 75° Celsius when I watch movies.

I have an imac 20" 2008 which had no problem but I monitor it also and when the temperature of the AC/DC supply goes near 80°C I increase the fan speed to make it work under 70°.

Curiously the 24" doesn't heat as much as the 20".

The idea I think is to keep the AC/DC supply and the CPU die under 70° C by increasing the fans speed.

I'll post if the graphic card needs another baking, but in the meantime I cross my fingers !!!


PS : the mbp 2007 doesn't support temperatures much higher than 82-85°, it shuts down by itself, I imagine that Apple provided the same precaution for the imacs but it never happened to me.

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You may want to get a good Fan & Temp monitoring app like: Temperature Gauge. And yes both desktops & laptops have a temperature limiter so you don't cook the system.


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Cooked my graphic card yesterday. Same iMac model. Incredibly WORKED! (a bit less than 10' at 200 °C, no evident smell but can't be sure of temperature since I have a gas oven with analog thermostat).

Put new thermal paste and made some stress test in the night (http://www.geeks3d.com/gputest/). Temperature during stress test went up to 100-105 °C for few instants, then fan speed increased and temperature stabilized between 80-90 °C. Playing a game does not stress the GPU so much (bit over 70 °C).

So, happy for now. I saved the 180€ for a professional replacement of the graphic chip.

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Sadly once the solder joint has gone bad it tends to re-occure unless you strip the old solder and redo it in a short period of time. You have two possible areas the GPU's mounting to the PCB or the vias within the chip which sadly is the more likely problem here which you can't fix properly. The correct solution is to replace the GPU or the graphics board with a new unit. Given the age of this system both are not really possible as the spares have mostly been used up now.


Game play is not something I would do on this system right now (sorry) All it will dois just speed up the re-crystalization of the cold joints making them bad again. The longest I've been able to get out of a cooked board is 4 months before it failed again. Bottom line here: count the days you'll need to replace the system and make a good back up of your apps & data so you can transfer it over to your new system (used or new).



Same iMac. I've got the pink vertical lines, too. So I'm gonna bake the graphic card (nVidia), too. You write now, that the problem happened again to you? Did you replace the GPU then? With another / newer card? Which would fit inside?



Yes, currently can't boot to OSX. My Windows XP partition will boot and is usable for 10-40mins before it crashes. I have not replaced the GPU; I wasn't sure anything else but the specific card the mac came with would work? More importantly the matching GPU is $300 self installed so I haven't pulled the trigger yet... That amount goes a good distance towards other computing options with hardware/software that ISN'T 8 years old so I haven't been able to justify it to myself. May just save for a $1200 MacBook and turn the iMac into target practice


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