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A sports sedan manufactured in 2003-2004 by Infinity

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Do you have a loud clunking/clicking/scraping/screeching in wheels?

Each noise has it's own diagnosis and own problem therefore needing its own solution.

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Wheel noises generally are either breaks (rotors, pads) or bearings. Once I had a hunk of loose tire tread that would pop up/out into the wheel well above coasting speed. You could not see it when the car was stopped, either the chunk was on the bottom of the wheel, or, it lay flat enough not to noticed in the shadow of the wheel well. As the hunk traveled around the inside of the well it would suddenly make a sound like there was a midget in there with a hammer, or, firing a pistol

In the case of FWD vehicles you may be hearing a bad constant velocity joint.

Close examination with a Mark I eyeball either statically or running (bicycling) along the moving vehicle can spot what's going on.

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