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7" multimedia tablet by Barnes & Noble, released in November of 2011. Fixes are easy and require simple prying tools and screwdrivers.

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I can't download anything. I get error code 499.

What does error code 499 mean ?

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Just bought a Nook Soft Touch. Charged it,got wi-fi connected, but it keeps coming up 'error' and tells me to switch off and try again


Nook tablet no longer supports there apps. Meaning u can only use them to buy and read books. Google play store no longer. Available there for apps on it. Is not posable even if u had them before. They will no longer work


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yeah my play store has the same proplem too i can not fix it

Mohamed *_*

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Google no longer works on nook devices there only a electronic book reader apps will no longer be available

Update (01/04/2018)

How ever there is a way to fix the nook issue and here's a link to give you the information you need to Turn your nook in to a Android tablet


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