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The ASUS PadFone X Station is a revolutionary 9-inch Full-HD LTE tablet. An Android smartphone can be attached to the back, that can be easily transformed into a 9-inch Full-HD LTE tablet. The battery in the tablet station charges the smartphone when docked for 2x longer batter life. Released: June 2014, identified by model number T00D

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My station isn't charging

Tried to charge the station with multiple chargers, and still isn't charging.

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Make sure that you are plugging into the outlet completely, if it is only plugged part way it may not work. It is possible since you used multiple chargers that the outlet is not working properly. You should try another outlet and see if it charges.

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Look in the end of your charging cable. It may have one of the pins that had broken off and extending from the cable end. If this is the case you will need to replace the USB port in the unit.

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