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The ASUS PadFone X Station is a revolutionary 9-inch Full-HD LTE tablet. An Android smartphone can be attached to the back, that can be easily transformed into a 9-inch Full-HD LTE tablet. The battery in the tablet station charges the smartphone when docked for 2x longer batter life. Released: June 2014, identified by model number T00D

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No sound is being broadcasted from the station

The speakers on the station are not working. Tried going into options and charging the sound and volume from there. Also tried a hard restart and still doesn't work.

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I would start by making sure the device isn't on mute and turning the volume up some to try to hear. If that doesn't work you should go into the settings, then sound, and try to change it from there. If none of these answers helped it is possible that the speakers blew out and that you will need to replace them.

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