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The Acer Chromebook C710-2847 is part of Acer's line of low-price netbooks running Google's Chrome OS. The devices are simply constructed needing just one screwdriver to take them apart.

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I want to improve ram n ssd

Am Gabriel and i won't to change the 16gb ssd to replace it with the old original hdd it use to come with. I like my acer c710-2856. Also aquier propper info for a more powerful hdd that fixs in my acer perfectly. If it's possible for what am looking for is 2-8gb of Ram and 1 Tb hdd that would fit snug in my acer. Also with the modification i requested would it make my acer c710-2856 over heat.

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You can add in one of the slim series of HD's (5~7mm in height). Leaving your SSD in place. As for the RAM the Chrome OS has a limit of 2GB. But you can enable Swap Memory. Follow this: How To Add Swap Memory to your Chromebook.

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BS alert on the answer above. The OS does not limit you to 2GB. I am running 8GB on my HP Pavilion Chromebook just fine thank you very much. I upgraded to 120GB SSD with no issues whatever. But I've not seen any affordable SSD's of larger sizes as of yet. You could get a 512GB one easily enough but it would cost ~$500USD. Just get a cheap magnetic external drive instead. Also neither upgrade had any impact on my chromebooks admittedly terrible battery life and it rarely ever turns on the fan either.

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