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First generation, based on the Ford C1 global platform.

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Why is my engine sound like its missing?

I just got home from work and my check engine light just came on and I have read a little bit on it and so far I got that it is most like the thermostat that needs to be replaced but im unsure. I mean Im not sure if its just the thermostat, then should it be sounding weird too and my gauge inside the car isnt telling me that its overheating. Shouldnt that be telling me that its getting too hot or too cold? And also is it okay if I drive it to the parts store and school until I can fix it?

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Derrick Lizana, the first place I'd take it to is a place that can check the OBD and see if you get an error code. There are plenty of reason why this could be happening. I would not drive it around for to long until you know what is wrong. Get it scanned before you start replacing parts

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