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The Samsung GT-C3300K is a budget touchscreen phone released June 2010.

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I forgot my password of my phone

I forgot my password of my phone?

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go to settings. you can find there the security section. click that and choose "MASTER RESET". your phone will be set to its default settings having your previous phone password deleted allowing you to create new password for your phone. However, by doing that, all the saved data in your phone will be deleted as well so you gotta back-it up man first before you take the step of resetting your phone. Good Luck!! :)

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Heres a trick that wont delete your pictures/videos and anything stored in sdcard0:

Turn off your device.

hold the volume up button, home button, and power button until you get to a android recovery screen.

use the volume buttons to navigate to wipe data dont worry it will only delete apps not your pictures or videos and music and stuff

after the phone restarts, you can check in a file manager (you can search for one on the appstore) you will have your pictures/videos/music there

hope this helps also you can purposly "disable" your device for 30 secs and use your google account to unlock it.

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how to download Samsung for unlocking code freeforetting password and id as well . my s a Samsung, is locked because of myaccout that I frgeing the password and my be the id to

Update (06/11/2016)

I have ty almre everthing tat I csn think ofdoing a fackory reset, dry wipeing and download unlocking code but still I can get in to y phone please can you help me

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