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Repair information for printers made by Canon.

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Why is my printer still showing that it has a paper jam?

Ï printed out some papers yesterday morning on my Canon iP2600 printer with no problem. Yesterday afternoon, the paper feed tray kept pulling to the right causing the paper to jam. I discovered that my granddaughter had drooped a ballpoint pen down inside the paper load tray. I removed the pen and tried to print and now it keeps showing me that I have a paper jam and will not print at all. It won't even take the paper. I need help figuring out what the problem could be.

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The pen could have damaged a part of the printer. try unplugging the printer for a minute, press the power button a few times, blah blah blah, and plug it back in. hopefully this will reset it so it forgets it had the jam in the first place. try that then

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I tried unplugging the printer. I plugged it back in and it still shows paper jam. it tells me to push resume button. The resume button constantly flashes. I pushed resume button with no success.


well, you could always buy a new printer :)


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