First White and then Black Screen after SMC and PRAM reset.


I have this very strange problem with my otherwise greatly working macbook pro 13".

Recently I saw that the time wasn't updating after waking it from sleep unless I don't click on Date & Time Preferences and then it updates from the internet.

So, I decided to reset the PRAM and SMC, I did both and booted up perfectly. That night I put it to sleep and in the morning I was happy seeing the time updating in a second after waking it from sleep.

But my happiness didn't last long. After a few more sleep and wake ups I got this solid white screen with nothing else, no chime no boot. I decided to do another SMC reset, because something might have gone wrong with it the first time. And then BAM! - no white screen anymore, instead I have black screen and the same symptoms. No Boot, No Chime, No HDD reading. Everything seems to work - Fans, Hard Drive spinning. Lamp is glowing in front but no boot.

I read everything about such problems in the net and tried all of the tips.

Battery removal, RAM removal, HDD removal, Holding power button for 5/10/20sec with or without charger/battery, whatever. Reseted the SMC like 20 times.

For the record - the PRAM cannot be reseted anymore when having white or black screen only as it doesn't chime or even start booting.

And just when I was about to give up, It booted up. I used it for almost a week without any problem and after one waking from sleep I got the white screen again.

Since then i've been trying everything for 2 days but the only thing that I got is bricking it to black screen again.

I have some experience with macs so I changed the thermal paste of the CPU and GPU. Also cleaned everything from dust and corrosion just in case.

I was about to give up on it and started thinking of buying a new one but then suddenly the white screen came again, after doing the following procedure:

- Unplug laptop from charger

- Hold PWR button for 10 seconds

- While still holding the PWR button, plug in charger and KEEP HOLDING PWR button

But the white screen is no better than the black except that I see the display is working.

Then tried to reset the PRAM powering it on with Alt + Cmd + P + R and no more white screen again. Pitch Black again.

I know the mac is not dead because I bricked it that way. Just want to share the problem if anyone has met this anomaly too.


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Ok, I managed to boot it somehow by holding the power button for 10 seconds, then the lamp starts blinking fast and right after it vanishes I plug in the charger. At first there was only white screen but after doing it again for 2 times it booted up. I worked all night with the mac and left it on, but forgot to set it to never sleep from the energy saver preferences. So in the morning when I woke up, it was bricked to white screen again after waking it up. So the thing I learned up to now is to never let it sleep again or it goes in this deep coma.

Now I've been trying all day to boot it up with all the known method. Removing everything and putting it back, holding the power button with/without battery, only on charger, everything that I could come up to in the net. But no luck at all > Black Screen all the time.

Would be extremely thankful if someone gives me any clue for what the problem might be. Is it the PRAM capacitor dead? Or either my battery (1 year ± 180 cycles) could have gone wrong ?


I have the same problem on MacBook. Have done the three steps I've seen on help sites, but still the black screen. Any help appreciated.


I had this exact issue as well on a macbook pro mid 2012 15 inch and solved it. My hard drive is encrypted so you have to enter an initial password before you can use any settings. It turns out my screen was totally dim and all I had to do was enter my password and then I was able to change the brightness. Resetting the SMC somehow set my brightness to 0, so the mac was booting normal (sound and all) I just couldn't see anything. I hope this helps someone in the future.


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Unplug the hard drive and cable from the logic board. See if it will boot to the flashing folding with the question mark. Do you have the original system installation DVD? If so try booting holding down the "D" key.

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