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Very Slow Boot - Won't Wake From Sleep

Help! I've been down for over a month...

Take* s 6-8 minutes to boot.

  • Installed new 500GB HD
  • Clean install of Snow Leopard
  • All updates completed
  • Will not wake from sleep mode
  • PRAM zapped. Power reset
  • Called Apple and tweaked it some more with terminal commands
  • Reinstalled Snow Leopard (clean)
  • Same problems continue
  • Called Apple back to setup a depot repair since Apple Care is still in effect
  • Depot called a week later to tell me that their known good HD solved the problem - that I had a bad HD - laptop returned without repair
  • Purchased a new WD 640GB HD 5400 and installed Snow Leopard
  • Same problem still occurred
  • Installed a new 320 GB Sansung HD and SL
  • Same problem...
  • Installed a "known good" 250 GB Apple labeled HD for a coworker's 17" MacBook Pro of the same model
  • Same problem occurred
  • BTW the Mother Board on my laptop was replaced 2 or 3 months ago after it lost all video. I'm not sure when the Sleep and Boot issues started - when the MB was replaced or when I installed Snow Leopard fresh the first time.

I'm waiting for Apple to call me back on the open case. They are not sure what to tell me to do and are considering another depot repair or maybe an RMA. I'll appreciate any suggestions. TIA ML

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I had a Pro that took 10 minutes to boot and then worked fine, and it turned out to be a power-related issue with the DC-in card. I replaced that, and it worked great. This machine also had problems recognizing firewire devices (it would say that a device was attached, but it would not pull it up and recognize it), and that issue also turned out to be power related and was resolved as well with the DC-in module.

I'd also try different RAM, if you haven't already. Also, try a different known-good AC adapter, and make sure it's 85-watt and not one of the weaker ACs they sell with non-Pro MacBooks. Actually -- I wasn't thinking -- obviously, you can rule out the AC by verifying that it's slow to boot when connected to the battery only. Duh!

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Try booting from an external source (firewire, USB, DVD etc) to see if it is a hard drive related problem.

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Could not "bless" the external drive that has my working drive out of the laptop and in an enclosure USB. I cannot install Leopard rto a USB drive from a boot off the install DVD either.


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"Could not "bless" the external drive that has my working drive out of the laptop and in an enclosure USB"

It doesn't need blessing. If you boot up holding down the Option key, does it recognize the external as a boot drive?

"I cannot install Leopard rto a USB drive from a boot off the install DVD either."

What happens when you try? Did you make sure to partition the drive GUID first?

Looking over your history, it appears that you're using the same SL installer each time, though you don't say if the coworker's drive had their system on it, or if you installed a fresh one on it from your SL installer. Do you have the same problem booting to some other system? Does it boot more slowly than it should to the system DVD? (Keep in mind DVDs are slow at the best of times.)

Actually, this sounds like a pretty sick computer. If you have to send it back more than twice for the same problem, Apple might send you a new computer. One of the benefits of Applecare.

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Hi Luffman,

Did you ever solve this problem. Looks I'm stuck with exactly the same problem. Booting takes about 6-7 minutes, the it works fine. Also got a problem with waking up from standby. I have to coldboot the machine to work again.

I tried the same things you did, but without succes.

Did apple replace/repaired your macbook and did they sent you repair report or did you fixed it yourself?

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