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Why is the dock connector cable port assembled on the back?

The dock connector cable runs from inside the iphone 4, wraps through to the top by the power button from an opening, and wraps on the back side of the device, where the cable and ports are attached by what seems to be some type of adhesive. I haven't even opened up the phone yet myself, because I don't have the tools. If anyone can tell me anything about this, or if it's fixable at all, I would greatly appreciate it.

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The dock connector cable does not connect from the bottom of the iPhone to the top as you describe. It goes from the bottom to the mid logic board connector, very simple actually. It does involve disconnecting the home button flex cable and removing and replacing the cover to the lower microphone. Here is the iFixit Guide for this repair. Замена разъёма док-станции iPhone 4S

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