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Bluetooth wireless headsets used to connect to phones and computers.

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Where can I get a new Sennheiser VMX100 Bluetooth headset battery?

I have a Sennheiser VMX100 Bluetooth headset that went through a wash cycle in the laundry. I suspect the battery was shorted out as it will not charge now. The charging light will come on when plugged into the charging adapter but will not change from red to blue indicating the end of the charging cycle. So I would like to try replacing the battery or get the unit refurbished. Any ideas?

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Hi, did you replace your battery? if so where did you get a new one. THKS


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Hello, thought I would post an answer, as I have a Sennheiser VMX100 too.

You can contact Mina Zhao, via AliExpress. She sells the 522020 model for U$3.40 plus U$4.42 postage. You can buy 1-piece or bulk. Here is the link ... http://www.aliexpress.com/item/L044-3-7V... (03 FEB 2013)

Also, Green Energy Tek sell the original. Their link is ... http://www.greenergytek.com/info-3970554... (03 FEB 2013).

You can contact them here:

Tel: (86)-755-2937 1695 (Daniel)

Fax: (86)-755-2937 1615


You should not be paying more than U$12.00 for this item, they can supply 1,500 per day.

Update (10/02/2013):

eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Li-Po-Battery-3-...)


Today, 19/02/2013; I can say that the VMX-100 works 100% once again. I purchased a Li-Po Battery 3.7V 140mAh LiPo for Micro Helicopters from walkera-esky [[http://myworld.ebay.com.au/walkera-esky]]. The battery will fit and only costs U$5.99 + U$3.75 in postage. It comes fully charged, so simply unsolder the 2x RED and BLACK wires and resolder the new battery in place - and you're DONE!

So if you have a Sennheiser VMX-100 and you need to replace your battery. You can buy HERE:


351 Oak Pl

Ste C Brea, CA 928214123



Firstly, I removed the casing, which means that the single screw under the sticker at the bottom of the VMX-100 had to be removed. Secondly, I took a photo with my iPhone of the connection, so that I did not reverse the polarity and reconnect the new battery incorrectly. Thereafter, I removed the battery by unsoldering the RED and BLACK wires that are connected to the motherboard/mainboard. Lastly, I re-soldered the new battery, according to the photograph I previously shot.

The VMX-100 immediately springs back to life, as the battery has residual charge. One can now use the VMX-100. I chose to fully charge the Lion battery and since I last made this post, that is to say from 19/02/2013 to today, 01/03/22013; the VMX-100 is still on that initial charge.

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I also have a VMX100 which did not get laundered but has the same symptoms.

The battery spec 3.7 volts but after overnight charging it only has 2.8.

Dont know if it is the battery or the charging circuit

Watch this space

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The battery is supposed to be a lithium-polymer battery. It is flat, in a metal case, a rectangle ~1/2" x ~3/4" in size. On one side it is marked:



- 3.7V

On the other side, there is an Underwriters sticker and these numbers:




There is also what looks like a 2D bar code.

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ATL Active Model 681622

Capacity Impedance   Thickness Width  Length    

(min) (max) (max) (max) (max)    

140 mAh 300 mOhm 6.5 mm 16.5 mm 22.0 mm

maybe a rc helicopter polymer battery with same Capacity and dimensions could be ok

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Tmart.com above you can buy which products are good.I often buy above any need something.

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I have a 'new one' I've used it only a few times. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing it.

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Why when talking is keep on cutting sound and signal too.? Adopter is how many watts


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Why my vmx100 is keep on cutting signal? And how many is voltage on adaptor?


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